Why do you feel pain during exercise intimacy? Causes and Solutions


     Practice intimate instinct and fun relationship, but sometimes feel women pain during intercourse, and leads later to undesirable consequences such as fear of the practice of intimacy, or decreased libido, so if you feel pain during intercourse, Find out in this article, possible causes and solutions.

Delayed to orgasm Nationality:

Women are slower to feel the excitement of the men, there is no iota of truth in the stereotype that women need more foreplay, but find out what excites you is half of the solution, and sexual intercourse without women’s access to exciting cause pain to vaginal dryness.

The solution: to know and understand what excites you and what do you feel well, and share ideas with the other party, is the key to start the natural process of blood flow to the genitals, which increases vaginal secretions and hydration which facilitates intercourse.

Vaginal dryness:

Lack of vaginal moisturizing, vaginal secretions, which help the insertion of the penis and the completion of the process of sexual intercourse lead to a feeling of intense pain during practice intimacy, and can be some of the factors in the lack of vaginal moisturizing affect, such as not ready psychologically to practice intimacy.

 Or excessive use of vaginal lye, and the sensitivity Drugs acting on dryness of mucous membranes in the body, including the vagina, and also the use of hormonal birth control pills can be a cause of vaginal dryness.

Solution: Make sure the presence of vaginal moisturizer you have, and if you use national  lack of vaginal moisturizing during sex even avoid taking pain as a result of vaginal dryness.

Anxiety and stress:

Relaxation is an important part of preparing for the practice of intimacy, but if Okhzta life stress, tension and problems to bed with you, then surely you will not feel any pleasure during sex and perhaps also feel pain.

Solution: Discard tension before exercising intimate relationship, may help massage and relaxation, and perhaps also benefit the practice of yoga to calm down and liquidation of mind.

Non-genital sizes agree:

In some couples there is no consensus among the large penis size, and slot narrow the vagina and cervix small, resulting in pain during sexual intercourse.

Solution: refreshments Vaginal Lubricant and intimacy can help in some cases, but in cases User cervical anniversary or hurt the cause the level of uncomfortable from dilated genital mutilation, it could help change the practice of intimacy situations, where women have the ability to control the extent and for a penis and feeling more comfortable.

Genital infections:

There are a number of the most common venereal diseases, such as genital herpes, trichomoniasis, and fungal infections can make the practice of intimacy painful and uncomfortable.

Solution: Most genital infections treatment easy and easy to control, easy and simple tests to detect, so if you suffer from the pain and the suspect in the presence of genital infections, see your doctor to get appropriate treatment.

Migratory lining of the uterus:

Endometrial immigrant is painful medical condition, where they grow cells from the lining of the uterus in other parts of the body, causing intercourse in this case, the pain unbearable.

Solution:  Unfortunately, the lining of the uterus may require surgery endoscope, so if you feel severe pain during the practice of intimacy, especially if you have relatives of females had experienced the same symptoms, you must be a downward doctor to do the necessary tests.


IBS symptoms such as intestinal cramping and constipation or diarrhea, may be linked to feeling pain during practice intimacy.

Solution: check with your doctor to reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel such as changing diet and taking certain medications, and stress reduction and behavioral therapy, and when symptoms improve, the practice of intimacy astray.

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