What kind of insurance landlord do I need?

   It depends on your specific needs.

    Owner insurance contents
Although tenants are responsible for ensuring they have insurance contents on their personal property, if you have furnished a furnished property then the insurance coverage will be guaranteed your property will contain the owner’s contents. You could also consider adding a casual damage cover,

which would cover you for any leaks, breaks or damages caused by your tenants. The solution is more common, especially if you rent apartments and the contents will cover the communal areas, such as halls, receptions, stairs and landing. Many policies include this cover as standard and its maximum can be commuted according to your needs


Loss of rent
  Coverage for rent loss is often underestimated by landlords. If a building is destroyed by fire, for example, the income that they were planning to generate from the lease is likely to stop. The loss of the rental cover can keep you protected in such cases, as long as you properly evaluate the rebuild period before taking the cover in the first place.
  Consider losing two years rent to take into account what is unexpected, but remember the cost of returning each property will depend on many factors, including its type, construction and location. You should read the lease carefully as they may also make specific requirements in this regard.

Owner insurance of buildings
  Typically provides coverage for losses or damage to the building itself and can provide payment out if your property is damaged by fire or flood, for example. Some buildings cover insurance damage caused by malicious tenants.

Insurance of the responsibility of employers
  If you use anyone directly under supervision and control to work in your rental property, such as a cleaner or gardener, this usually involves a work contract (but can also extend to include volunteers under your control). As a result, you will be liable under the law to regulate liability insurance employers. This will include you for legal defense costs and any compensation awarded to my physical injury, illness or illness caused to employees by your negligence.

Property Owners Liability Public Liability Insurance
  If one of your tenants has an accident in your property, you see that you are responsible and decide to take legal action against you, and the public liability insurance covers you for legal defense costs and expenses, plus any damages you may have received. Liability claims can be very expensive, so many policies will give you a minimum of at least £ 1,000,000 cover for any one claim. You may want to consider the highest compensation limit, due to the increased awards court made in the most serious cases. Options of £ 2 million, £ 5 million or higher are available.



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