what is love

what is love
what is love

 Since different people in the old definition of what the meaning of love, was the different disciplines and doctrines know and love quite differently depending on the focus and perspective that consider it. Perhaps the issue is not linked to all intellectual doctrine or emotional perspective, but that everyone has an understanding and a special definition of the meaning of love, and love is not limited to the love of women to men or women by men, but there are other kinds of love as love of God Almighty and is the finest love there is a mother’s love for her child and the love of a friend of a friend ….

 Here’s the top ten definitions of love, according to the school that you know:

 1-linguistic definition of love
It was: the word love love taken from the collection of a grain of a door for the thing and its origin; because the heart out of the human body and its core, warehouse love and bunker.

 2. technical definition of love
Love is the art of the treatment of the person beloved tenderly and beauty. This is accomplished art, as in all the arts, through skilled and experienced observation, study and training performance. The aim of the art of love is creativity and create rules for a happy life with a beloved person.

  3. Definition of behavioral economics to the meaning of love
True love can be defined as a special case of equity theory. Person invests emotionally, accepted his investments, and return it invested a yield of emotional and could be Alaid less than investment or more thereof.
  4. Definition of neurology of love
Love is nervous incomprehensible equation, perhaps electrical phenomenon, it is known that the body produces oxytocin hormone, known as “loving hormone” during the meeting between  researchers that the neural circuits that are associated naturally social assessment of other people stop working when a person is located in the the love. The researchers said the findings may explain why some people overlook the errors of love.

 5. Definition of religious scholars
And here we take the definition of Cadi Ayyad, who wrote an introduction for love when he spoke about the love of the Prophet, peace be upon him: “The Origin of Love inclination to reconcile the loving

 6. The definition of love when philosophers
Plato is that love which is not any exchange of the interests or benefits is what true love is and what is called Platonic love, a love that is not based on lust or desire.

 7. define love when writers
One did not die of love but above the stage, “the writer and English poet Dryden”
True love haunt Few people saw him, “the French Arushvuku”
Love which overflows all alone often becomes a disaster, “the writer George Sand

 Love women asked permission to enter her heart, and the men enter it without the permission of his heart, and this is our loss (Bernard Shaw)

If women do love a lot, and talked a little bit (Ali Murad)

Love is blind and devotees do not see the folly of committing (Shakespeare) “

  8. define love when poets
Perhaps even more love poets addressed the subject of pens, and every poet sang about love was his own perspective, according to the beloved and the ocean climate, it is poetry, which sings of love to a virgin who writes verses in love with a wild obscene. So the best thing is said that poets Atvqo that does not Atvqo on the meaning of love.

 9. Love definition when psychologists
Love is a feeling of physiological affects the person’s behavior may be positive or negative and is an internal thing arises in the same rights and controls its members and senses.

10. Definition of love you have
Everyone has the right to have its own definition in the sense of love, what about you, what your definition of love?

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