What causes a lack of sexual desire in men?

     There is a stereotype popular in our society that sexual desire in men is always present, while the woman’s desire is usually volatile.

This misconception cause surprise (unpleasant) followed with concern when they start sexual desire of man to show signs of weakness. Not to worry, a simple Vtchkas would solve the problem.

Multiple reasons

You have to know before anything else, it is that this case is not exceptional, the man completely as women, may suffer from the weakness in the sexual desire, despite the problems of sexual usually associate with the problems of erection.

It should not be underestimated sexual anorexics, and the wife’s right to worry about the subject. To clarify: No reason for this is not necessarily because he is accusing you or that he no longer wants you as before. And to find solutions to this dilemma, you start trying to find the cause without lose your temper.

Problems and concerns

If a man is still young (less than 45 years), it has simply come back just to them. It may be worried about losing their job, or sad for the loss of his friend, or angry because of a family conflict … whatever the pitfalls of life suffered by them, they will certainly have a negative impact on his sexual desire, and will not have time time to harass him about the subject, assertion of sexual failure It will inevitably disturb the concerns and temperament to become more restore sexual activity task more complicated.

In contrast, Show your him that you are aware of the subject and do you respond to help him, by your saying, for example: “I noticed that you are not so good in recent days, do you want to talk about this?”, Or you can Tsaeidih to relax by massage, or Hrrah of those ideas by playing with your baby … but, that did not work any of these methods, and would let him for some time, these ways to show interest in him is not.

Problems within the relationship

After 5 or 7 years of marriage, it is not rare that the couple is going through a period of recession, ie they realize they are not ideal as imagined from the other party at the beginning of the relationship. It is the small inconveniences of disappointments, the relationship becomes more Aasfih. It may also happen that the wife changed significantly after a period of marriage: gained more weight, lost interest in their appearance, preoccupied with boys, but do not bother to work …

It is natural that women lose a lot of Jazptha citizenship that is no longer exciting as before. So, instead of downloading all the responsibility and accused of being his fault alone, a simple self-review that will clarify the picture in front of you and help you to restore the balance, especially if entered problems outside the bedroom in the subject. Seek the help of some of the treatment of marital relations sessions that you have made it difficult task.

Psychological problems

The blame may not be located on any of the couple, but the flow in the relational routine is the main reason behind the loss of sexual appetite. Valatharh is something that needs constant feeding, so that with the passage of time, you need the excitement of a boost in order to revive it.

After the age of fifty, you may enter the physiological problems in the subject: diabetes, high blood pressure, some of the abuse of drugs … the wife is interested in stimulating the relationship partner for medical review to diagnose the cause of the problem. Although absent from the morning erection date, estimated to be the problem of the return of hormonal disorders or intravenous. On the other hand, all active sexual relationship contributes to avoid premature aging and diseases of the heart and arteries.
How do you act on the subject?

You take the problem into account and carefully and check the reason behind it. If Tsttiei decipher the reasons for this sexual dysfunction your spouse, do not wait Atraqa yourself and live in the middle of the cycle of questions and concerns, but ethereal subject with him, Discuss quietly and without recriminations: Otalaaah on your feelings and fears. Do not hesitate to ask for help either from your doctor, therapist or counselor sexual relations.

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