What are the foods that contribute to ridding the body of toxins?

    There are many factors that cause the accumulation of toxins in the human body and over time people get serious diseases as a result of accumulation in the body and researchers have recently pointed to ten foods rid the body of harmful toxins, what are these foods ..? And how to expel toxins from the body? That’s what Stodha detailed the following lines

The reasons for the accumulation of toxins in the body:

– Smoking
– Alcohol.
– Diet pattern Kalasrav unhealthy eating foods from street vendors where food is exposed, and an exhibition of gases and dust as well as snacks that contain high levels of fat.

Foods that contribute to ridding the body of toxins.

First oils rich in omega-3s … known for its omega-3 health benefits which enhance the efficiency of the immune system and raise the body’s resistance to serious disease and protect against heart disease and longer each of olive oil and linseed oil are rich sources of omega-3s and added to the food helps to soften the intestine thus contributing to rid the body of toxins.

Secondly apple fruit .. apple multiple health benefits including blood purification of toxins, strengthen the heart muscle, and get rid of joint pain, and helps apple juice to expel bacteria and viruses from the body contains apples pectin which is about a group of fibers that dissolve in water, which It helps to get rid of toxic metals such as lead, aluminum.

Third artichoke .. artichoke contains a collection of important for a healthy body Kalolaav nutrients, magnesium, chromium and vitamins which contributes to the liver cleanse and raise digestive efficiency and prevention of diabetes and diseases of serious heart contains antioxidants facilitate digestion, and increases the excretion of urine, and thus get rid the body of toxins in it.

Fourth beets or beet .. rich in folic acid and beet considered diuretic and contain antioxidants protect against serious diseases and dealing with digestive disorders and food Kaltzmm and diarrhea.

Fifth watercress .. of leafy vegetables that contain a useful set of nutrients Kalzenk, iron, magnesium is used in the treatment of diseases of the colon and helps get rid of toxins and contributes to soften the intestines and expel what is not needed by the body.

Sixth ginger .. Alzenjal is a natural tonic for the body protects it from weakness, lethargy, insomnia is also working to open the appetite and treats indigestion and is used to get rid of excess weight being works to burn fat and speed up metabolism and expels toxins from the body.

Seventh onions .. limits the accumulation of harmful cholesterol and high blood pressure, heart attack and malignancies in order to contain proteins and fiber, saturated fat and cholesterol and is working on the absorption of arsenic, lead and cadmium from the food covered by the rights so doctors recommend taking it regularly.

Eighth garlic .. Garlic contains a range of vitamins, including vitamin “A” and vitamin “B”, and vitamin “C” in addition to a group of antioxidant that expels bacteria and toxins from the body.

IX cabbage .. containing fibers and proteins and calories and fat, and medical studies recently indicated that a natural cleanser of the digestive tract and works on diabetes management and disposal of cholesterol also reduces weight gain and fat accumulation in addition to the compounds and elements protect against cancer.

X. .. green tea than green tea from the efficiency of the immune system and contributes to burn fat also contains antioxidants protect against serious diseases, and also works to control bowel movement and contributes to the expulsion of waste that are not needed by the body, which works to flush toxins from the body .

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