Ways to provoke a wife, a burning sexual relationship

  Thrilling a wife is not difficult but it is an art that needs patience and wisdom from a man. How so? This is what we will reveal!

In order to create the mood and atmosphere to stimulate the wife must know the husband’s steps and methods and the correct knowledge of his wife’s keys and ways of sexual response. The good excitement is often based on prolonged foreplay with a hand on sensitive places in the woman’s body and understanding how to touch it and what it wants … for a warm and intimate experience for both parties! Discover with us how you can excite your wife.

Create the perfect atmosphere

Thrilling Women Start by creating an exciting atmosphere, you must make sure to add romantic touches to your lighting, smell and sounds. The lights should be dimmed with the addition of a few light candles and the use of air fresheners, and playing quiet music adds a lot of excitement to the overall atmosphere. Be sure to remove any source of inconvenience such as mobile phones or television and other factors that distract and distract the thinking about the atmosphere of excitement.

We can not fail to recall that the cleanliness of a man and his personal appearance and smell of the most important factors. Creating a romantic atmosphere without caring for personal care can alienate women and spoil the whole thing.

Feeling comfortable and caressing

Feeling comfortable, psychological and physical are important to stimulate the wife. Make sure to stick with them and spice them up in nice terms while keeping away from any subject that is controversial. Show her feelings of love. Sexual excitement depends on emotions in the first place.

Exciting women takes longer than men, so caressing is an essential part of arousing women and men must be patient in foreplay in order to prepare the wife best for the next stage. Cuddling includes kisses all over the body and touching the body’s excitation points in a subtle and exciting way.

Massage is one of the most important keys to arousing a wife. The massage gives comfort and relaxation, and increases the arousal of the wife and her satisfaction. Aromatic oils can be added and exciting massage steps are learned for a more intimate experience. Can; The work of massage between men and women to create an atmosphere of excitement and pleasure.

Understand the woman’s body keys and spasms of excitement

The previous steps are to create an exciting romantic atmosphere and a sense of psychological comfort and lengthy caressing introductions to raise women properly. However, to get to the highest sexual arousal of women must be a man to know full and complete keys to the body of his wife in particular and the areas of excitement that provide them with full enjoyment and satisfaction of the sexual process. Considering that each woman is different from the other as you enjoy it more, so be patient and discover the keys of your wife’s body yourself.
Do not be shy to ask her about her favorite jokes and how she enjoys the different movements you are doing to get to know your body together.

The most exciting areas in the woman’s body

Clitoris: It is located in the front of the female genitalia above the urinary incontinence and is the most sensitive member of the containment of many nerve endings ignite the desire and lust of women tremendously.

Breast: The breasts are one of the most sensitive areas in the body of the woman, so their complications reach the woman to the maximum excitement.

Lips: No woman does not love kisses She is one of the most important keys to excitement and kisses can be the entrance to the whole sexual process.

Neck and back neck: Cuddling the neck and back of the neck by kissing, licking and massage has a great effect in arousing the wife.

The buttocks and between the thighs and the back: caressing the buttocks and the region between the thighs and the back have a profound impact on the woman’s arousal. Where these areas contain many nerve endings make them very sensitive.

In the end, women’s excitement and enjoyment of the sexual process depends on the harmony and compatibility between them and men. The woman’s sexual process and arousal is closely related to her feelings, her attachment to her husband and her desire to please him.

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