Virus “Rota” Old New risk threatens children in winter

     With the return of winter, the return of colds and viruses to come and go freely in the separated favorite winter, including cold virus “rotavirus”, which affects children, which is a severe diarrhea the most important symptoms and despite the fact that vaccines disease is given to the child since birth, but that does not mean protecting him one hundred percent .

Abound among children in cases of diarrhea and vomiting in the winter, and what to ask anyone about it until he says that the virus contaminates the air as a result of the weather, and perhaps some of them go so far as to, without reference to scientific and medical facts.

Rotavirus is one of the most important reasons that lead to diseases that afflict children in the winter, one of the vaccines given to children from birth as the injured infants infected by HIV Rota may expose them to infection by drought that threatens their health, and states that there are tens of thousands of deaths occur annually in the world as a result drought caused by rotavirus and its complications, because the proportion of body fluids in children than in older people.

The longer the water, and air Almilothan Battas and cough for a sick person, as well as touching contaminated of the most important causes of disease transmission hands, are symptoms of Balvyrus temperature rise associated with watery diarrhea or bloody and severe vomiting, and continues in some cases more than a week, in addition to intestinal colic in some often.

And in order to protect our children from disease in the winter it is imperative that the mother follow some sound guidance, to protect her child from microbes, it is necessary to wash your hands constantly to the child, and interest in public hygiene and eating balanced in specific day times, attention Balvaeetmanat focus on foods that contain vegetables and fruit, since their child support is the main reason for the prevention of diseases, especially in the winter.

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