Unlock any Android device is now possible with ease

      The typical lock, which depends on the movement of the finger dramatically system is used to secure the millions of Android phones, but the researchers about the possibility of a breach of this system can easily detect.

Researchers have designed a new program can finger the movement of the user analysis 2.5 m, in order to work on unblocking code.

He says the research team who manages this project that 95% of the finger movement patterns used to draw a shape opens the lock could be breached by only 5 attempts, the researchers pointed out that even the most complex patterns are very porous.

Said Dr. Ching Wang, the principal investigator and co-author of the research paper at Lancaster University, said: “The lock, which depends on the movement of the finger a common practice in order to protect Android devices pattern, people tend to use complex patterns to encrypt important, such as banking or shopping online transactions, the belief that the lock system is safe. “

He said Wang, adding: “The results suggest that we have reached that the use of the typical lock to protect sensitive information could be extremely dangerous in fact.”

The lock security measure that protects the hardware style, including mobile phones or tablets, where many people prefer to use PIN codes or passwords to lock devices.

It uses the movement of the fingers method to draw a particular form in order to secure the phone from about 40% of users of Android phones before. There are 5 attempts users have to apply the correct finger movement on the specific points in order to unlock the phone before closing for a specified period.

Researchers have devised a program that tracks finger movements on the display, and the algorithm produces a small number of patterns used in a matter of seconds to open the Android phone.

Researchers can detect password lock through the video footage recorded just 2.5 m, allowing analysis of finger movement. It is noteworthy that this method using footage recorded via the digital SLR camera on after up to 9 meters.

The complex shapes used to secure phones are also easy to detect, because they help the algorithm to narrow the options proposed.

The researchers were able to apply the process of penetration successfully on 87.5% of complex patterns, and 60% of simple patterns since the first attempt.

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