Trending Beauty Tips 2016 – 2017 Beauty Tips

Trending Beauty Tips 2016 - 2017 Beauty Tips
Beauty Tips

   Trending Beauty Tips 2016 – 2017 Beauty Tips

  You are the queen you deserve all that is beautiful

 Basic Tips And Trick Pink is the shade which gives you hot and beautiful look to your eyes. For all those who think wearing pink is boring, well they wouldn’t have experimented enough, because pink is a color that can blend with different shades. For more tips click below.

  *Be Winter Proof Get Now Regular moisturizing and applying sunscream is a must have for winters. But in case your skin goes too dry and you are out of lotions or body oil, you can use your lip balm on your skin. It has the great moisturising benefits and won’t harm your skin.

  * Glossy Lipstick for the Matte Finish For More Tips Click Here

lipstick tip: not a fan of glossy lipstick do not throw them away. after applying the glossy shade just dab some powder and smudge it voila.! matte lips

  * Color Bomb : Platinum Hair Get Now

  *  Don’t Step Out Without Your Kajal And Eyeliner Get Now

  * Click Here For More Tips If you want to make sure that your eye lashes have prominent curl and remain curled for a long duration of time use a blow dryer to your eyelash curler. The eyelash curler will get hot and will make your eyelashes curl well. Apply mascara Stronger eyelash curls

  * Reuse the dried out Lipgloss Buy the look Incase your lipgloss has dried out you can add a few drops of essential oil to the bottle. You will get some extra lip gloss with some benefiting effects. Get Inspired with many more by clicking below.

  * Blush for your skin Get Now

  * Protect Your Skin From Pollution For More Tips Click Here A good moisturizer will protect your skin from harmful effects of pollution. The fine dust and dirt will get stick to your moisturizer which can be easily washed. These will help rejuvenate your complexion.

  * Eyeshadow can be used as lipstick Buy the look You can use your eyeshadow as lipstick with the help of your lipgloss. Use your lipgloss first and on top of that put layers of eyeshadow using your fingers. The gloss will help the pigment to stay on your lips for long, while moisturizing them. For more inspiration click below. by ESTROLO




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