Train future .. Haaberlub speeds 1,200 kilometers per hour in Europe soon

    Alhaaberlub name called “Train the future,” and there are a number of projects underway in Dubai, Canada and Russia, and will go far capsule future to France via the company “Haaberlub Transportishn Technologies” “HTT”.

The company has recently held a new deal with Slovakia and the Czech Republic, to build up Haaberlub system between the cities of Bratislava and Brno.

This is the first step for the whole of Europe arrived Alhaaberlub system. The company will be located in the center Francasal airport in Toulouse, within a facility with an area 278 square kilometers. Toulouse is the heart of the aerospace industry in Europe, and will also be Alhaaberlub trains that cover Central Europe trails manufacturing center.

It announced Haaberlub Transportishn, one of two companies operating in the future capsules industry, for campaign financing worth $ 108 million, with a collection of $ 31 million in cash.

Future, too fast

Alhaaberlub transfer is similar to the train system, it uses private cabins or capsules to transport people and goods. It combines magnetic lifting “maglev” technology and low-pressure pipes, which allow the movement of smooth and fast. The “Elon Musk,” the first to put forward the idea Alhaaberlub in the year 2013 and then built several people, institutes and companies that idea.

But how much of his speed? The answer varies from engineer to another, but is expected to reach a speed of about 1,200 km \ h. The designs show that inoperable above or below ground.

And it envisions a Haaberlub plans in Dubai and a central gathering point link between Alhaaberlub cylindrical tube and streets paths. In addition to being very fast, it is environment friendly as well, as it can run on solar energy.

It seems that the idea of ​​Alhaaberlub -alta inspired by science fiction films in the year 2013, to one day become a train quickly connects across Europe, it began to turn into a reality little by little.

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