The renewal of the ovary after menopause, a new technology for anti-aging

The renewal of the ovary after menopause, a new technology for anti-aging

   Menopause is the point of no return for women, which was considered irreversible until recently. Earlier in 2016, a team of experts was able to find a way to replenish the ovaries after menopause. After months of preclinical trials, it is currently on experts from Genesis health clinic in Athens to launch the first clinical trials of this method.

   This technique relies on platelets rich plasma injection “PRP”. But unlike other rich plasma platelets transfer operations, this process does not need someone donor. Where is this operation by Ttvil blood sample taken from a person to isolate the growth factors. Says Konstantinos Svakianaudis, a gynecologist in Genesis Clinic: “It provides a window of hope that women will be able postmenopausal pregnancy using their own genetic material.”

  Tests have begun pre-clinical in May of 2016, and resulted in significant results. As the ovaries of women that have been renovated by rich plasma platelets after menopause regained fertility. The many women are able to conceive after receiving platelet-rich plasma therapy. Of the 60 women, 75% of whom have become unable to conceive either naturally or through in vitro fertilization, and nine of them became pregnant already.

  It showed more than 75% of them are total return hormone levels to young levels. That is, that women make young again, so to speak.

Clinical trials:

   Lifestyles change to an increase in late pregnancy has resulted, accompanied by the usual occurrence of complications associated with carrying menopause. Apart from that, there are also cases of women suffer from difficulties in carrying the children because of the thin lining of the uterus. But after rich plasma injection of platelets in the womb of 6 women suffer from these cases, it has managed to pregnancy Follow these steps and you will feel that you are the youngest at 10 years

  Therefore, this method does not lead to the restoration of only a woman’s fertility, but can also alleviate some of the negative effects of the “many” associated with menopause. He explained Aaron Trajoak, a general manager of the experiences of the renewal of the ovary in Anoviom company, saying:

  It is not the goal of this experiment was to demonstrate the possibility of reversing the menopause, because we know through the treatment again and again that these are the result. We also know that the treatment causes the entire body’s response to hormones level due to the young age of levels. We want to see now is whether the renewal is always, what if we had discovered the existence of a relationship between infertility and the adverse effects of aging in the body. 

  Initial Registration will begin at the tests in February 2017, and will be conducted in accordance with the practices of good management of research clinical trials “E6” to manage the US Food and Drug.

  But it’s not free. It costs involved a large sum of US $ 5,000. It is scheduled to similar experiences in multiple locations from the United States begin by June of 2017.

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