The most important face makeup tips

The most important face makeup tips
face makeup

      Many girls tend to work facial makeup to highlight specific areas of the face and highlight the beauty of her features, making it enjoys bright and attractive views. But when trying to follow the art of facial makeup may put the girl in the wrong thing without realizing and surprised the outcome of abnormal or find their appearance is far from what I expected. Here Here are the most important group of facial makeup tips to ensure you get the best possible results.


  1.  Use all products either powder or cream, usually preferred to use the Koran to get a more natural appearance.

2.  Begin always put Concealer then the foundation cream before work steps facial sculpting even easier for you to determine the shade and light places that will highlight your beauty.

3.  Choose a color dark line with the color of your skin to the work of the shadows on the face, taking into account that the darker one degree only for the color of your skin. Preferably also choose the color is devoid of red or orange degrees.

4.  Stay away from hi-lite illustrious or who peppered Glitter until you get a more natural look and prefer to have the same degree of natural color of your skin.

5. If using creamy products, give up my make-up tools and all the products with your fingers If you are using a powder products, prefer to work with a brush flat helicopter by a small number of capillaries.

6. The most important thing in the facial makeup is a good blend of layers make-up set up Taatmtaa natural views free from exaggeration.

7. When using your fingers to individual make-up, pat with your fingers instead of a survey on the skin because patting helps integrate the product better on the face or you can use make-up sponge Beauty Blender.

8. Put the face shape in mind, if you Tmlkin long face-nationalist sculpted front and chin even more tempted to rotate If the square Vattaghi to soften the sharp lines, such as the jawbone and cheeks.

9. not to tracking all the traditional places for the work of shade and light, but choose those that fit the contours of your face you can carve places and not others, such as the nose or cheeks or front only as needed.

10. Do not forget to use blusher simple view of bright and lively.


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