The best ways to lose weight and get rid of the accumulated fat


     It is well known that most adults suffer from the problem of obesity and wish to get rid of the accumulated fat in the buttocks and abdomen and other areas, so we will provide you the most important ways, tips and exercises for slimming the abdomen and the appearance of a decent and get your body taut wonderful helping us also to protect ourselves from a lot of diseases of the causes of obesity such as heart disease, strokes, bloating and others.

But you must have a determination and will of the person who suffers from obesity, so he can fight obesity by placing a target realistic in front of his eye and move forward and determine the desired weight, losing, taking into account that the issue of weight loss need some time to get the desired result.

Most healthy way to lose weight and get rid of the accumulated fat:

Canned juices :

Dimension drinking canned and fresh juices are also on an ongoing basis, where it is considered a major source of sugars and earning man a lot of weight.

– water :

Drink water on an ongoing basis as the water contains zero calories and contains a very small amount of sodium element which makes it appropriate to drink to lose weight.


Walking for an hour a day to get rid of fat buttocks with ease.

– take Bread:

Not to eat more white news and pasta These foods cause bloating and weight gain due to containing carbohydrates, especially the rumen area.

Some of the recipes that help get rid of fat, especially abdominal area:

_ Recipe water and lemon :

Is the recipe with magical effect to get rid of excess weight as it works to increase the burning of human fat and are prepared to bring two cups of water with a cup of lemon can add some fruits orange peel  is a drink mix it after waking up directly to increase the burn rate.

Ginger recipe for weight loss:

The ginger cut into small pieces and put them in hot water and add the mint leaves and leave the appropriate mixture boil for half an hour in quantities and then let it cool down and then we will be wiped out his drink before main meals a day.

There is a special recipe for losing belly fat through ice packs:

Students have proved that drinking a glass of cold water a day leads to a sudden drop in body temperature, resulting in the burning of calories in order to achieve the body’s balance and warmth, it has been proven that individuals who have this experience where they eat 16 cups of cold water a day lost about 18 calories heat without resorting to strenuous exercise.

The reasons for the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area:

1. The lack of movement.
2. malnutrition
3. genetic reasons
4-follow the wrong diet
5. Lack of exercise for the abdominal strain and increased traffic.

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