The benefits of massage before intimacy

   The benefits of body massage are many and many and especially before doing intimate relationship exercise where both spouses feel pleasure and excitement during the relationship and increases the strength and bond of love and happiness between them. Massage is one of the most important and inexpensive treatments for sexual problems that may affect either side. It treats the coldness of women and eliminates the problem of premature ejaculation in men.

While massage the muscles of the body prefer to use natural oils to reduce anxiety and tension and makes the relationship between them deeper and stronger and gives them a sense of orgasm before the relationship.

The most important benefits of massage or massage before sexual performance!


One of the most important benefits of massage and massage before starting to exercise intimacy is relaxation of the body. The massage helps to open the pores of the skin by using many oils such as rose oil, which contributes to the activity and vitality of the body. Massage makes the muscles relax and reduce the feeling of pain and pain. Massage also helps to relax the mind, reduce frigidity, and give the mind signs and feelings of erotic desire and sensations before marriage. The massage relieves any pain that may affect the body and eliminates chronic migraines.
2. Reduce stress

One of the most effective treatments for getting rid of stress and nervousness before exercising intimacy is body massage or “massage”. It contributes to reducing the feeling of tension and anxiety between the spouses and increases the bonding and strength in the relationship because it may make the mind think of the intimate relationship only in time and works to increase caresses and affection between them. Body massaging reduces the incidence of depression because it improves mood. Breaking boredom and sexual promiscuity in the relationship, especially using natural oils during massage such as rose oil, which works to calm the nerves, and Chamomile oil, which reduces tension and stress with the development of candles that add a charming romantic touch.
3. Improve blood circulation

Massage the muscles of the body contributes to promote and improve blood circulation and expansion of blood vessels. This may help the blood flow and reach all parts of the body especially the genitals that improve sexual performance before starting to exercise intimacy. Massage the body muscles to the sense of pleasure and excitement and sexual desire because the massage raises the mood good and relieve the feeling of tension and mental disorders. Use jasmine oil to strengthen your sense of pleasure and desire. Helps increase sexual interaction during the relationship.
4 – excess moisture

There is some excess moisture that affects the body, which causes the weakness of sexual desire of the couple, but with the practice of massage on a daily basis and using natural oils, the body will get rid of that excess moisture. It also eliminates aches associated with back pain, muscle and joint pain, shoulder and neck cramps. Provides the body with a sense of comfort and calm psychological and physical also contributes to strengthening the muscles of the body to relax and warmth. The massage increases sexual desire and is an effective means of arousal because it makes you share the relationship more and better.
5 – liquidation of mind

Massage is one of the most powerful ways to make your mind clear and free of any tension you may feel before making any intimate sexual relationship. The massage distributes the fat in the body and eliminates the fatty saline that the water surrounds from under the skin. It also works to solve the sexual problems experienced by any of the spouses such as sexual desire, sexual promiscuity and routine in the relationship and it is an effective way to treat premature ejaculation in men. For these reasons, massage helps strengthen the marital relationship between the couple and motivates them to practice the relationship.

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