Study reveals that the eldest son of his brothers are smarter than others


       New research found that the first child in the family are more intelligent than younger siblings, fought Economists at the University of Edinburgh, a debate in the past and concluded that the first infants were receiving the highest on intelligence tests at the age of one year compared to the brethren. According to the newspaper the “Daily Mail”.

The researchers interpreted these findings that the first child receives more mental stimulation and support the development of thinking skills from his parents during the first years old.

The study, which was conducted in partnership between the company, “Onalaziz Group” and the University of Sydney, examines the American children collected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

This study included nearly five thousand children since before birth to 14 years, in addition to the data on their family background and economic status, were evaluated children’s skills, every two years, such as reading, image recognition and vocabulary.

The researchers applied statistical methods to analyze how to link parental behavior, such as smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, the level of intelligence in children.

The researchers found that parents provide less mentally stimulating for children who are born Talia, and participate in reading and less like handicrafts and playing musical instruments activities.

Said Dr. Anna Nuevo Chuquiro, of Edinburgh University of Economics, said that “Our results suggest that the large shifts in parental behavior is what explains the difference in children by ordering them at birth.”

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