Study: Rapid jogging negatively on health and may lead to early death

     Danish study revealed that the rapid run may exhibit negative effects on the health equivalent to those experienced by people who do not practice any physical activity.

The Web site, “Telegraph” that runners who were conducting speeds of 11 kilometers per hour or more they annoy their bodies more than her testimony.

The study, published in the heart of the American College magazine 0.1098 runner, researchers found that those who were conducting faster were more likely nine times to die sooner than 12 years, compared with those who were conducting quickly five miles in just time for twice or three times a week.

He said Peter Schnur researcher in the study of “Frederksberg” Hospital in Copenhagen: “There seems to be an upper limit to exercise in order to obtain health benefits.”

He added: “If your goal of running is to reduce the risk of death, the best strategy is to run a few times a week at a moderate pace, but more than that it may be harmful.”

The researchers found that the lowest rate of death was associated dragged me for a total ranging between about an hour and a half and two hours a week, and did not run rate of more than three times a week.

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