Study: physical activity for the prevention and treatment of depression in children


    According to a recent Norwegian study, that children are reaping the benefits of physical activity, in terms of reducing the risk of depression, such as young people and adults completely.

  The study by researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and published their results in the journal “Pediatrics” scientific.

  To find out the effect of exercise on children, the researchers followed 800 in the case of the age of six from the ages, over 4 years, to unravel the relationship between physical activity and symptoms of depression.

  The research team found that exercise, especially those that result in sweating, protect children from being depressed.

  The researchers said their findings suggest that physical activity can be used as a method of prevention and treatment of depression in childhood.

  It advised the team, parents and health professionals, urging the need for children to practice physical activity, such as riding a bike or playing outdoors, and limit TV watching and video games, for a healthy life better.

  Previous studies have shown that adolescents and adults who do not engage in physical activities, and tend to inactive lifestyles, such as watching TV and computer games, increases the chances of having depression.

  And advises the World Health Organization, children and young people of exercise for an hour a day at least, in addition to the allocation of the bulk of daily physical activity for games that they are exercised in the open air.

The organization added that physical activity helps young people to bones, muscles and joints, heart, lungs grow in a healthy manner, in addition to maintaining an ideal body weight.

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