Study: Eating too much leafy vegetables may be dangerous to your health

Study: Eating too much leafy vegetables may be dangerous to your health
Eating too much leafy vegetables


    When you talk about healthy food advise you the majority of people with plenty of eating vegetables for their benefits and the lack of measured portions, especially green leafy vegetables, but a recent study proved the opposite, as the eat more green leafy vegetables may pose a risk to your health.

   The Web site, “Medical Daily” that a doctor of internal medicine, Sevilan Coogan, she noted that leafy vegetables that everyone thinks they are healthy and do not constitute any damage, may cause the emergence of symptoms of some mental disorders such as anxiety and fatigue because they contain a large proportion of copper.

   She explained the doctor and her book, “I’m not a slave to food systems,” “Diet Slave No More”, that the entry of a large amount of copper into the body may affect the individual what is known disease, “the toxicity of copper.”

   It is noteworthy that green leafy vegetables, cashew nuts, chickpeas, avocado and shellfish from foods rich in copper is essential for the growth of the body.

   The doctor indicated that it is essential that we take the copper-rich foods to help our body to grow, but it should not be exaggerated addressed.

  He also explained that copper does not come into the body through food only, but it is possible that copper leak, which covers the outer layer of the water pipes in the incidence of cases of poisoning caused.

  The doctor pointed out that the main symptoms of copper toxicity is feeling anxious, as she said that the feeling of the individual concerned after eating a large amount of water may be displaying symptoms of the disease.

  The doctor recommended using the sauna and red rays to get rid of toxins through sweating, indicating that the high percentage of copper in the body can lead to kidney infection and bowel disease.

  A study conducted in 2013, that the high level of copper in the body can cause the symptoms of Forgetting disease.

  Copper helps to keep the metabolism of iron in the body, as well as it stimulates the nervous connectivity, as the copper deficiency in the body leads to AIDS, and the incidence of bone disease and anemia.

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