Study describes the reasons for the poor-sighted and focus after exercise


     A scientific study carried out by a group of scientists and published by the site Health US Today has shown that exercise reduces the efficiency of some members as a result draws the body’s energy to the muscles, causing the feeling of some health problems such as feelings dizzy and weak-sighted and difficulty concentrating, inability to breathe properly.

   The study attributed the cause of such symptoms of low blood pressure level in the body and lack of blood supply to all parts of the body form that helps them to do basic tasks as required.

   The study added that the incidence of such symptoms takes only a few minutes until the body begins its members in the restoration of the main tasks after the level of blood pressure improves gradually, as the study attributed the length of these symptoms term health problems should refer them to a specialist to make sure the integrity of the body.

And to protect against those symptoms or reduce the effect of exercise on the body, you need to eat adequate amounts of water during the exercise period and the lack of exercise and cruel, which are not borne by the body and nationalist heated before starting the exercises until  for your body effort, which will be done during the training period.

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