Study: Children who live with smokers electronic cigarettes may think that smoking is good


        A recent study said that children who do not smoke but live among adults smoked electronic cigarettes may begin to believe that smoking is a good thing, according to Reuters.

    The team setter, said the study published in the Journal of Adult Health that smoking tobacco center of American youth dropped since 1998, but some experts expressed concern that the acceptance of electronic cigarettes may promote the acceptance of traditional cigarettes and change direction.

    Calvin Choi said study team leader, told Reuters Health that “the public health community has worked hard to educate people about the effects of smoking have noticed a shift in the acceptance of smoking cigarettes, which led in part to the low prevalence of smoking.”

Choi said a researcher at the National Institute of Minority Health and health disparities in Bethesda, Maryland, “has changed the e-cigarette that has been achieved but there is a lack of data that support or refute this crisis. This is the reason for conducting the study to get an answer can be provided with the discussion with information.”

Choi continued, “Our findings show that young people use electronic cigarettes and those who never smoked cigarettes, never linked to look to adults that smoking is acceptable, which in turn is linked to openness to experiment with cigarette smoking.”

He said the findings help explain how the use of electronic cigarettes leads to cigarette smoking later.

And Choi and colleagues analyzed data from a survey of Florida Youth Tobacco in 2014 and that 70 thousand people from middle and high school students participated in 765 schools in Florida.

Choi said that the study is limited because it included a mandate of only one point of time one.

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