Spend more time in standing or walking lowers the level of sugar in the blood

A recent study led by British researchers, that a lot of people who spend more time walking or even just standing instead of sitting may be less susceptible to diabetes.

It linked the study between sitting and diabetes type 2, which is linked to aging and obesity, and the disease occurs when the body can not use insulin properly to convert blood sugar into energy.

To confirm the results of the study, the researchers analyzed 435 data from adults at risk for diabetes, and monitor activity around the clock for one week to see how much time they spend in the sitting, standing and walking, and then examined the blood tests in the laboratory to determine the ability of their bodies to handle sugar and insulin.

The researchers found that just replacing sit to stand throughout the day may improve signs of type 2 diabetes disease, because when the body moves, the muscle cells need fuel to operate the absorption of sugar from the blood.

Said study co-author Dr. “Joseph Henson,” a researcher for the treatment of diabetes at the University of Leicester, walking instead of sitting for short periods was associated with a decline 77% in the insulin levels in the body and so the sugar does not rise to high levels.

Added Dr. “Baron Gibbs,” a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh, that the results of the study are in addition to a growing body of evidence suggests that even a slight reduction in the time stable may help reduce the risk of diabetes.

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