Second cause of cancer deaths after cardiovascular diseases


    President of the “Torax” Turkish Medical Association Kulaionge Fuad Ali, said cancer is the second reason for the deaths known causes worldwide and Turkey, after cardiovascular diseases.

   This came in a press statement on the occasion of World Cancer Day which falls on February 4 every year.

  President of the Assembly and explained that this cancer leads to the growth of normal cells and multiply uncontrollably.

   Kulaionge He noted that early diagnosis and protection strategies, make cancer a disease can be prevented.

  He said Turkish doctor, that the annual number of cancers around the world, it is expected that up to 22 million cases in 2030.

  Kulaionge explained that lung cancer is the most common types of cancer, and that leads to death, around the world.

  Tuncay turn Goksel, president of the work of the lung and lymph cancer and malignant tumors in the Assembly group, he said that cigarette consumption plays a role by about 80-90% in the development of lung cancer.

  Goksel revealed in a press statement, it is expected that cigarettes are the leading cause of death in the world by 2020.

He pointed out that cigarette smoking is usually taken to deploy the escalating after the sixties of the last century, and now the ladies Iqbal also on smoking, causing the increased incidence of lung cancer in women.

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