Resistant to heat liquids and soon in Chinese markets Paper

Resistant to heat liquids and soon in Chinese markets Paper
Chinese markets


  Scientists and researchers at the Institute of the Shanghai Chinese ceramics, from the development of resistant fluids and heat Paper, is expected to launch in the markets over the next few months.

  According to the newspaper “South China Morning Post site based in Hong Kong,” the researchers used a combination of paper through altering them, kind of the types of calcium on the bones and teeth of animals layer, which is called “hydroxyapatite”

  The site that the developer paper can resist temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius and liquids such as coffee, tea and juices.

  The head of the group, called “Zhou Yingjie,” and that he had already developed resistance to heat liquids or paper, but the first time it is spill-resistant and heat together to develop paper.

  He noted Chinese scholar that can use paper developer in planning and billboards in many places.

  He pointed out that the paper can be cleaned with water without being influenced by the writings, adding, “This paper will provide the possibility of retaining the important documents for hundreds of years, because it will not be affected by fires or floods.

  According to the paper size of “A4” it will be priced more expensive than plain paper, that its price will fall after large quantities.

  It seeks the team that is working on the development of the project since 2008, launching the product in the market within a maximum of three months.

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