Researchers invent a new application on smart phones to conduct blood tests



   Enables researchers at the Institute of Turkish “Izmir” high-tech, it is creating a new application for smart phones allows for blood tests within a short time and at less cost, and without the need for conventional medical devices.

   The idea is expected that the application be put forward begins for use during the year, to put drops of blood on the sheets specifically designed for this purpose, and that their color changes according to the quality of the disease, to be then take a picture of it and upload them to the installer on a mobile phone, which in turn analyzing and extracting the result program .

   Include analyzes the application makes it possible to make, hepatitis “B” and “C”, and HIV, “AIDS”, and diseases of various cancers.

   He designed this application Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry at the Institute, “Izmir”, amide Hakan Yildiz, and the student in the same department, Hakan Aydin lightning, and his colleague in the computer department, Jehan Tokluja.

  In an interview, Yildiz said that the doctor asks the patient perform a variety of tests to discover his illness, and therefore taken him to the blood tubes to be placed in medical devices, to show the results of the analysis within a period ranging from 24 to 48 hours.

  According to this method Altkulaidah- Alds- need for trained employees and a medical device, and all this raises the costs of this process and prolongs the length of time to extract the results, which is dangerous in cases of infection.

  In an attempt to avoid this, assistant professor, he said the Department of Chemistry at the Institute, “Izmir” The team sought to develop the next test; when taken from the patient’s blood sample, placed them drops on a tissue, and after numerous interactions, captures the image and sends it to the phone application that has been developed, and then get the results instantly.

  And on what application is achieved in the experimentation stage, Yildiz revealed that “the program has succeeded in tests conducted using artificial blood, and it was to identify the factors that led to the disease.”

  Yildiz noted that “the program can identify all the diseases that can be diagnosed through blood tests, including infectious diseases, hepatitis” B “and” C “, and HIV, and the types of cancer.”

  He pointed out that the research team received support from Turkey Foundation to technological and scientific research, “TUBITAK,” and that the project will reach the level of use during the year, stressing that the project thrown pointing worldwide attention.

  In turn, the Lightning Hakan Aydin, a student who developed the project, explained that the program has removed the need for medical devices in the medical survey, for having the same job in the fastest time.

  “The blood samples are distilled on paper developed specifically for this project, where the paper showing the changing colors depending on the color of pathogens symbols.”

  He continued: “Then we pick up a picture of her, and we carry on the application that we have developed, which performs scanning while just wave a finger over the image shown on the phone’s screen.”

  He continued: “After the survey is completed, the program directs us to the graphic display, which shows the intensity of the colors, and the factors that paved the way for the disease in the blood.”
He noted that the colors that you do not see with the naked eye it shows this application.

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