No fear of pregnancy in women who suffer from congenital heart defects in the future!

No fear of pregnancy in women who suffer from congenital heart defects in the future!


  New US guidelines suggest that women who are born with heart problems may be going through their pregnancies safely in case of access to proper medical care, according to the agency “Reuters”.

  She said, “Mary Canobbio ..” a researcher at the University of California at Los Angeles and president of the committee that developed guidelines is the first issued by the American Heart Association, which represents a road map for women who suffer from congenital heart problems and who asks them completely avoid pregnancy. “

   She said in an e-mail, “the trend has been historically is advised women to avoid pregnancy because the bugs and surgeries performed even these women remain under a complicated life in addition to that it is difficult to predict the chances of continuing the life of the patients in the long term so there was concern about the possibility that cause additional burden pregnancy posed more problems and less likely to live for long periods. “

   Of the most common birth defects of the heart valves, heart problems and holes in the heart muscle. These problems can cause symptoms such as heart rhythm disorder, difficulty breathing and may require surgery or a heart transplant.

   While most of the girls who suffer from congenital heart disease Saisaln to child-bearing age, the pregnancy involves the risk of maternal and infant complications.

   Among the fears increased blood volume during pregnancy in women by 50 percent to help fetuses grow. She Canobbio This means that there must be a mother’s heart is able to carry the additional burden.

   Ago saying that hormonal changes during pregnancy can also increase the risk of heart rhythm disorder and a blood clot. She added that these changes in women who do not suffer from health problems do not represent a problem in the usual, but for women who suffer from heart disease, this can increase the risk of stroke.
  The optimal situation is that women put their babies at medical centers there by a doctor for heart disease, his experience in dealing with congenital heart complex and a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology instructor diseases to deal with cases of high birth risk in addition to the anesthesia specialist in cardiac patients and a team of cardiac surgery team.

  The guidance that postpartum women should being placed under observation for up to six months of pregnancy because the effects can be kept constant for that period.

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