Nail art Nail Salon


Nail art Nail Salon
Nail Salon

Newer colors for your nails
The first phase included a full munkar session with a simple massage to the hands. It is worth mentioning the great speed at work and professionalism enjoyed by the working group. The second phase  painting session on the nail where you browse various designs on the screen I pad of which have already have done to their customers and other images available on the Internet.

I chose to focus on the pastel colors, I chose beige and light pink brand Essie as a class basis. As for the designs, I had fallen in with paint Alglitr any illustrious ranging from silver and gold were used two different sizes of chips Alglitr nail to grow distant and beautiful. As a final finishing touch has been drawing some random lines on my nails white.

 Discover your character through the nail polish!


   Not  nail polish evening before to sleep, so be exposing your nails to staining it will not dry well. Recruit the right time so do not be busy and you have plenty of time, especially as applied to the nail key phases can not be ignored coating.

   Beware intensify nail polish from the first layer! Respect and Application stages Begin with a thin layer, Antzeraha Beshra to dry then put the other classes as such.
Take care to choose a light coating composition and toenails Ktver as much as Chaian.

 not apply the basic nail polish phase. This phase is very important, barricaded nails from the effects of nail polish stains, strengthen it and prove colors of nail polish. It also prevents the possibility of leakage of nail polish to the parties.
   In the event that the product  transparent nail polish, what is important is that  strong nails are not penalized colors.

Does not work applying nail polish without grinding the nails and remove dead skin. Take good care Bozafrck intensive care, Anqaaha lukewarm water sterile, Anzei dead skin and Qlmiha as befitting own words.

Finally, as  hands, the bezel moisturizing cream until your nails before placing nail polish process.  moisture for nails texture of coarse skin and  glory in color.

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