Men .. only two mistakes should not you committing during face washing


     Is the neglect of most of the men around the world for their skin a puzzle we ignore all of us, although Thdaiqam in the mirror every day, but they are unaware of ways to skin care, and uses a lot of normal or showering means men soap when washing the face, as they believe that this method is good enough, and commit two mistakes too commonplace when cleaning the face.

Dr, Terence Kenai, dermatologist, according to the website “Business Insider,” “do not realize the men generally how to use skin care products,” explained Dr Kenai, that men follow two methods Khatitin in the face wash: First, excessive washing the face, causing irritation of the skin and dry later.

The second method is to use a cheap types of soap is suitable for facial skin, leading to stripping the skin of natural oils needed by the skin to make it appear healthy.

It advises Dr. Kenai men assigned using soap for the face and detergents, as these products preferably contain an appropriate moisturizer, including shea butter and vitamin E, ensures skin clean and maintaining a balance of fat that you need content.

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