Medical advice in the ninth month of pregnancy

    Feel pregnant in her ninth month slowly time and the weight of the size of the abdomen and uterus, it is now the biggest in his position and fills the pelvic area. So the first advice to you is to get enough sleep whenever you get the opportunity especially during the day after the birth Stamadan were times long without sleep.

To facilitate the passage of this month and prepare for the birth Here’s a set of tips doctors in Shahrak IX:

Walking and exercising far from the most important basics if you had a vaginal birth, they are softening of the cervix and make room for more.

Non-coloring or dye-month final only after birth.

Not to use creams, peels and hair removal creams even after birth.

Avoid eating drinks containing caffeine do not even made up with milk newborn.

Lubricate the nipple chest and visibility to the outside using a moisturizing cream, so be prepared when the baby comes.

Avoid foods craft and chilli.

Also after forty days after you were born, you must go to the doctor for the installation of a way to prevent pregnancy is right for you.

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