“Made in India” That’s what you’ll find written on the phone “iPhone 8” expected

  Plans to “Apple” the American company, embarking on “iPhone” mobile manufacturing in India, starting from the end of April, in an effort to invest the tremendous growth of the smartphone market in the country.

According to the relocation of “Gadjts” by the Minister of Information and Technology in the state of Karnataka, external Priank, the “Apple” instructed the company “and Estrun Corp.” Taiwan, to arrange project to manufacture the iPhone in India.

The minister said, in an interview, said that executives from the company “Apple” have held talks with him, during January last, and stressed the timetable agreed to start the project in the technology capital of Bingaru.

The direction of “Apple” towards India, after a deep study of the technical possibilities of the market in the country, and its desire to promote competition “Samsung” Asuia, especially since the traditional markets such as China slowed down in recent times.

And it demanded the company “Apple”, the Indian authorities, a number of conditions in return for the establishment of its plant, including the exemption for 15 years from importing phone components & Materials fees, and distributed company “Apple”, which topped the sales of smart phones, during the last quarter of last year 0.2500000 phone iPhone in India, during 2016.

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