Love is love that spirit inhabited the soul


Love is love that spirit inhabited the soul
Love is



   Not love to stay next to the one you love ..
But love to stay in the heart of the one you love ..


  Love is love that spirit inhabited the soul
What longer be able to move away by the
Whenever I tried to move away to find your soul scream
And call him
And begging to you not to let it die
It goes back inside you and you love the whole world
Vtaatsdm wall of the grim reality that it is loved
You may stand handicap conditions and bar you from it forever
Pained and tormented
But silence does not realize the extent of Amabk only your heart and soul that cries heartbreak and pain

Accept it as is, despite the pain that is inside you from Atheral_husrh
That burns Aossalk
Trying to Tkhbay him Amabk and sadness and Hsartk Ki is not far from you again
Trying to accept it a little so as not to torment him is
Ki Tsaadh
To see those charming smile
And those eyes Beauties
In order hear that mournful sound
That makes your soul flying high in the sky

   true love that the highest sense of life
Prove it to yourself you are the strongest and weakest life in front of the one you love
 that love that comes with conviction, without looking for

  Here comes silently
And it grows in the depths of your heart silently
Mladic until it becomes the most important in life
And ready to sacrifice a lot for him a lot
The remainder live for
Despite all the obstacles, it remains the most beautiful and the ultimate Allarroa
Although you know that you may not be
It only remains you really need

 Thank you, love
Oh finest love
O King of the spiritual
For the love that kills me a thousand times a day
And Yahya thousand times
I adore his death and his life
And adore to die and you live inside me.


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