Lipstick errors that you stop them immediately!


      Lipstick is a product aesthetic magic love first women. It is indispensable for any woman to keep colors of red lips attractive and different. But nevertheless, there are some common mistakes that most women fall, Mmaked spoil the debut aesthetic. Buy expensive types of lipstick of the most famous international brands does not mean that Ttabekaya without following the correct instructions. We’ve put together here the most common mistakes that may Tqaan during which apply lipstick.
Discover months lipstick that you stop her immediate errors.

1. chapped lips

Not peeling lips before lipstick application of the biggest mistakes that may Tqaan them. Chapped lips spoil the appearance of red lips perfectly to look like appearance is grainy. To avoid this problem, make sure to peeling lips well before applying lipstick using a toothbrush or peeled sugar and olive oil for you get an attractive, soft lips.

2. Non-moisturize lips

Dry and lacking a permanent moisturizing the lips are not the best when you apply lipstick. For attractive lips perfect appearance, the hydration necessary step. Therefore, make sure to drink copious amounts of water with the use of moisturizing lip balm regularly.

3. is not selected first lip

Use lip determinants is the secret to getting attractive lips. This helps to coordinate the red lips and protect it from fading quickly.

4. Selection of colors is appropriate

Attractive red lips that you use your girlfriend is not necessarily that fits your skin color. Make sure you choose the right lipstick degrees, according to skin color.

5. Non lipstick install

To maintain a steady red lips for longer periods, use a tissue paper to install it, or Pour a little of the bulk powder. To convert the lipstick to the illustrious dead, use a bulk powder too.

6. Use lip gloss enamel at all times

There is no doubt that the lip-gloss enamel is a favorite of many girls. But used excessively, it may cause damage to your lips. Applying simple trick when using Alglos enamel experts advise, the words apply lipstick on the entire lip with Alglos put a little gloss in the center of the lips with a little distribution.

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