Light food to eliminate depression


     A lot of people suffer from psychological problems and mood swings in the winter in particular, and that it was interpreted by many experts as a result of the length of the night and the Palace of the daytime temperatures drop suffered by the body in the winter.

Life magazine offered in this article is a list of food that will help you get rid of depression and help you regain your mental health to be able to enjoy your day and do different tasks without falling into the trap of depression and psychological distress, which prevents spam from doing everyday tasks as required.

Brown rice

It is brown rice from snack foods that you can rely on to lose weight in order to contain brown rice on very few of sugar and carbohydrates that cause weight gain quantity, as scientific studies have shown that eating brown rice helps in getting rid of the problem of depression and psychological distress, so try eating rice brown instead of white rice to get a good mental health in the winter.

Eating oats lately has become for many people a way of life more than just being a food in order to be considered the most important food components of dietary fiber, which helps to nourish the body and lose weight at the same time, so try eating oatmeal for happiness.

Milk and milk products

Eating dairy products helps the body get the nutrients it needs, as these foods contain high levels of the nutritional values ​​that your body needs, including calcium useful for bone health and to keep them away from the dangers that threaten fragile and vulnerable, also it helps milk and milk products on the reinforcement of hormones happiness in the body, so the national eating a daily cup of milk and eat cheese and yogurt to get rid of the problem of winter depression and enjoy the day happy.

the banana

This fruit favored and loved by a lot of people because they contain high levels very potassium and calcium, which provide the body with elements needed to ensure the best for the body’s health, it also provides a banana for body happiness needed due to stimulate happiness body’s hormones.


Of course, eating nuts as a snack Snack between meals provide the body with elements needed by type of nuts, different vitamins and nutrients provided by nuts ensuring better for the body’s health, and help the nuts to get the ideal weight and that the lack of contain calories, also helps alcohol in maintaining on the mental health of the body and that it can be seen after eating a handful of nuts.


Chocolate contains sufficient, which works to raise rates happiness hormone in the body, making them a snack between meals can be eaten for happiness and a sense of psychological comfort to do everyday tasks without depression.

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