Just one cup of this recipe before going to sleep .. to get the body “Dreams”

Of the basic problems faced by many people .. is the accumulation of fat, many people suffer from weight loss effort, is striking is that the fat may accumulate in different parts of the body such as the abdomen, back, arms and legs.

We will give you the following recipe superhero will help you get rid of these fats, as well as get a slim body that you dream of doing the work by stimulating the digestive system, and increase the speed of your metabolism.


– A cinnamon stick
– Tablespoon of vinegar
– A bunch of parsley
– A grain of acid
– Tablespoon of honey or powdered ginger
– Half a liter of water

How to prepare:

Pour water into a bowl and put it on the fire until boiling, then other components were added. Let this mixture on the fire for a reasonable period of time then let him cool down. Arise then liquidate Almazih and Asakboh in a pot with a lid.

Drink a cup of this recipe every night before going to sleep to lose the weight without any effort or bother.

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