it’s a beautiful life


       Multiple situations experienced by humans during their lives, some of which have beautiful and joyous, and other sad infect owner upset, and if these positions benefited rights are considered a useful lesson to him in the future. We will mention here the most beautiful words that were said in this life.

                       The most beautiful words about life (  Quotes )


  •    Do not be sad if the murderer comes to shares of the people closest to your heart, you’ll find it tends arrow and restores life and you smile it is a beautiful life 

  • it is a beautiful life  Do not put all your dreams in one person, and do not make your life journey the face of someone you love, whatever the qualities, does not believe that the end of things is the end of the world, the universe is not what you see your eyes

  • Do not wait for a loved one sold you, and wait for the new light can sneak into your heart sad it’s a beautiful life, rearranging your days cheerful, and restores to your heart’s pulse beautiful

  • Do not try to search for the dream failed you, and try to make the case of refraction beginning of a new dream it’s a beautiful life

  •  Do not look at the papers that discolored and faded letters, and got lost Storha between pain and loneliness, you will discover that these lines are not the most beautiful what I wrote, and that these securities is not the last thing a line, and we must differentiate between those who put Stork in his eyes, and threw it to the wind, these lines were not mere words beautiful passing, but the heart of the feelings experienced by characters, and the pulse of human characters carry a dream, stung by its fire and pain.

  • Do not be like a heron, this strange bird that sings the most beautiful tunes bleeding, nothing in this world worth of blood and one point it is a beautiful life 

  • If you closed the winter the doors of your home, and turned ice hills from everywhere, wait for the arrival of spring and open your windows fresh air breeze, and look away you will see flocks of birds have returned sings, and you will see the sun which is to receive the gold over the branches of trees weaved, to make you a new lease on life, a new dream and a new heart it is a beautiful life 

  • The best and shortest way to ensure you to live in this world continued good dignity, it is to have what is inside you like that shows you people

  • Make a lot of people a lot of time and effort to avoid the problems, rather than to try to solve them

  • Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty, truth, and for compassion against injustice, lying, greed. If all of the people doing it will change the world it’s a beautiful life



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