Inspired by the makeup of stars views for the holiday season

      Uniform skin supple and shiny, smoky eyes and eyelids golden shades structure … all of this in your hands now thanks to our group and glamorous celebration of the make-up of Being beautiful and you receive  new year.

Give your outlook attention it deserves:

Do you want to be seeing you in the eyes using a powerful and refined makeup? Choose smoky eyes in black or classic version Aatmda blue night or brown. If you would like to score more fainter Fezlal eyelids with metallic color bronze, copper or silver is the perfect choice.

Put it in the form of circles around the eyelids and the inner eyes with a hazy shade distribution by soft brush.
If you’re a fan of makeup Pacific eyes, apply thin line of golden blue or purple Alaaleiner he choose will never be disappointed.

Showed bright lips:

There is nothing comparable to verbally beautiful and colorful Ki Taatdhuqa taste evening. Fashion this year tend to adopt prune lipstick color or dark purple, red or faint color fuchsia.

Would you like more creative and originality Pmakiaj?
It will Tahqin effect of shadows, which depends on creating gradients of color between the center and the area around the lips to make your lips look more fuller. Choose a pink shade, for example, the color of strawberries, red or brown.

Rahni on the right proportion of colors:

If you would like the work of makeup to your eyelids and lips at the same time you must know that there are certain colors fit with each other and always succeed blended.

For example, with red lips fit perfectly with shades of gold-colored eyelids, bronze and black smoke Abanna.alaaon line with lipstick red color. Finally Alorjoinea red lips was in line perfectly with blue shadows above the eyes.

Tgeria colors pop gleaming and glowing:

If you’re a fan of bright color make-up, it is time for the experimental. You can, for example, that Tmzja between the shadows of the eyelids with green and blue, with a beautiful fuchsia-colored lips.

Put in mind that he should not be Tmzja more than three colors in the same make-up. If so, it’ll be Makiajkthagala and exaggerated. Finally, do not hesitate to can add some luster to the inner corner of your eyes, on your Alaaleiner or on your lips. It adds a charming and glamorous touch.

Smoky eyes and lips in red:

Red and black are proportionate perfectly when it comes to Pmakiaj concerts. Choose to put your silky texture on the eyelids and Luna  matte and muted lips.

Eyes blue night:

Dark blue smog iris color of your eyes appear remarkably, whether a light-colored, blue or gray. Apply lipstick with a crimson color and a pair of artificial eyelashes in order to obtain a refined appearance.

The lips of a purple color:

It looks very elegant dim light or color of skin. Put them on a uniform skin color, eyebrows drawn very carefully, and look Nud. This is what constitutes the perfect appearance masterly.

Small touches of color:

Lip color gradients strawberries colors purple, green above the eyes … It is time for Ttalega Immerse yourself and Tstamli makeup colored eyes. Mix 3 colors on the most in order to avoid exaggerated make-up.

Shaded lips:

You will  in love with this gradient of purple color that enhances the size of your lips and adds a touch of festive makeup.

Alaaliner illustrious:

Draw a line of illustrious Alaaleiner directly under your eyebrows … This is the challenge that you have proposed YvesSaint Laurent for concerts.

Lips red color dim:

Akhlqa influential mixed blending with the faint red lips with a golden color and a silky look. It is considered a special makeup concerts a charming and easy to apply.

Make-up Lothario:

Sultry red brick shades and eyelids painted dark gray … This is the perfect duo in order to Simply in both concerts.

Dark lips

This dark violet-filled lips makes the focus of attention. Choose this Tulle light for the views very uplifted.

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