Impotence women … Causes and Treatment


   Some women suffer from erectile dysfunction, do not want to establish an intimate relationship with their spouses, as they may not arrive to the point of saturation, thus forcing many of them to acting in a relationship just to please the husband.

Therefore we will in this article is to clarify the nature of the sexual coldness, weakness in women, symptoms, types, and the reason behind it, and how it can be cured.

What is frigidity?

The beginning of frigidity mean the lack of desire in women and weak libido to have, and not sharing in man’s sense of fun through intimate relationship.

The causes of sexual frigidity

– There are various reasons vary the mismatch of psychological, hormonal, and emotional, and can produce coldness psychological crisis for women, because of the fear of sexual harassment or even frequent disputes with the husband and wife which alienated him.

– Can be a reason for the chill also tight pussy women and lack of depth, which makes intercourse order painful for her, and is almost impossible, too small clitoris or after the beginning of the vulva, all these things make lust when a weak or cold women, also have clitoris surrounded by a thick mucous membrane reduces a woman’s libido and helps sense of sterility and sexual weakness.

– It could be a decline in hormone testosterone and estrogen, both of which play a major role in the desire of women of the most important causes of sexual chilled.

– Can also be the ignorance of women in sexual relationship or intimacy is the reason for the chill, woman’s fear of membrane rupture, or even to feel pain during intercourse, fear of childbirth or pregnancy, are also reasons lead to a chill.

– Also follow the bad habits as usual secrecy, and lack of sleep, stress and anxiety, are all reasons lead to poor women and lust.

What types of frigidity?

– Lack of lust for partial or total.

– Chilled because of a biological deficiency.

– The husband disliked and not wanting to get closer.

– Frigidity that occurs during pregnancy in some women.

– Chilled the result of fatigue or fatigue or depression.

– Not realizing the man on how to deal with women, and his inability to delight.

How is it treated?

1. attempt to talk with the woman gently, easing her fear of intimacy relationship that was for that reason, and also to get rid of the fear of pregnancy and childbirth, and can be used as means to prevent this from happening.

2. The man an important role in helping his wife and must help her during the period of sexual intercourse until you can reach the peak and saturation until you feel full and happy.

3. The men and women choose the right time for a relationship, in which the two are ready to do it and wanted it.

4. Women must learn that sexual intercourse is natural is acceptable religiously and socially irreproachable than done, and does not cause excruciating pain as imagined some women.

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