How To Lose Belly Fat for Women


            Natural that there is fat in the abdominal area, but always that abdominal fat is a healthy rate of
And if increased fat in the abdominal area caused many problems and reduces our confidence and health problems such as high blood sugar and blood pressure problems in the colonic or heart problems

Today offer you four basic steps to help you get rid of belly fat

1. diet:

There is no magic diet reduces the specific area of ​​the body such as the abdomen or buttocks, but there are rules to help you get rid of belly fat


Stay away completely from starches such as rice, pasta or bread and vegetables instead of proteins or healthy diet must be your own vegetables and grilled fish or grilled chicken or meat Grilled large part of salad


Stay away from soft drinks and beverages where there were high sugars because it reduces the burning and increase fat around the abdomen


It is very bad habits and, unfortunately, there is a lot do it and increase fat around the abdomen is eating fruit or dessert after the main meal immediately with this bad habit and increase abdominal fat Wait at least two hours and eat sweets and sugars

2. exercise any kind of sport snack 30 minutes a day, such as walking or running helps you burn belly fat

3. Take a break, during sleep are no studies say that people who slept six to eight hours a day at least they have the accumulation of fat, especially in the abdominal area for people who sleep five hours a day

4. Help yourself to get rid of any pressure at work or home and go for a holiday at least a day or two in March or any sport such as yoga will help reduce this pressure and thus increases the burning of fat, there is no accumulation of fat in the abdominal area

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