How do I know that I still love him? 4 signs do not go wrong! What is true love?

   Have you just separated for compelling and final reasons, having discovered that he is the person who is not right for you? If there is no need to check the details and go back to the past. The most important thing you can do now

is go beyond it and continue your life. However, sometimes it is difficult to close the door if you are still fond of and love your former lover.


After separation, your feelings will be divided between the desire to forget, your inability to do so, and your hidden desire to return. It is normal, it is difficult to erase the moments of our lives, especially shared with our loved ones with the click of a button, it is impossible! Honey on you, you will need time to get back to your life without him and to be able to heal your wounds and beyond the disappointment of separation. What will make it easier for you is your complete belief that you have made the right decision for rational reasons. But what if you were feeling for your former lover and you could not yet wipe his love out of your heart? In this case it will be difficult for you to spend your life without turning behind you. Before we let things go, let us first make sure that I still love you with the unmistakable signs.

1 – Do you yearn for him and wait for the moments that you have lived with him?

When you love someone, you have to get in touch with him and think a lot about how to spend his day. But that does not mean you think about it every second, just remember it once or twice a day to make sure you’re still fond of it. Desire for those who love will not stop the end of the relationship, but will last long as long as there is love did not end.

One of the signs of your attachment to the person is your continuous thinking in the times of joy that you feel with him. They laughed together at the least of things and enjoyed the first morning mornings and all the sleep or even sadness together. You may remember your sacrifice with your favorite hobby in order to watch his favorite team. You may remember trying to stay with him for as long as possible and losing you to a work meeting that almost drove you out.

2 – Are you always trying to be happy and love to participate?

Your relationship may end up loving you, but the relationship between you or a family relationship may continue. If you still want to please this person and do everything you can to see his smile, you’re probably still fond of him. This happiness may translate into preparing for the foods that he likes or cares for when he is ill or helping him with his work. If these details no longer concern you, there is probably no love between you anymore.

You may not notice this very much, but if you still love this person, you will always be excited to share what happened in your day or photos you picked up on an occasion and tell him about your success or other things. The other party may seem uninterested in what you say, but if you’re still interested in yourself, you’ll be happy to share everything. We share grief and joy with people we love and rest in peace, even if we do not mean it.

3 – Do you find him attractive or show you his flaws clearly?

Even if you have been through your relationship for a long time and criticized many things in its appearance, just to find this person attractive in your opinion, this is a sign that love still exists. The most interesting thing about love is his stunning look and smile. But if there is no attraction no matter how good it looks, this is a sign of the coolness of the relationship between you. A large part of love depends on gravity.

The lover undoubtedly does not care about the defects of his beloved and does not see them as fundamentally flawed. Therefore, one measure of love is not to notice the defects of those who love. If you see this person as the first time a fairly perfect person and his drawbacks are almost nonexistent you are still in love. The person who comes out of the state of love sees the disadvantages of the second party as he did not see before so he may be surprised how he could love this person.

4. Do you notice the most precise details?

If you still love the other side, you will undoubtedly notice that it has lost weight or not its favorite fragrance or adopted a new hairstyle, so the way you shave your chin will be clear to you. You will know that a lot of things have changed and you will ask why this change. If you no longer care about it, you will not notice any change in its appearance and will not be interested in looking at it.

If you feel that you still love your former lover, it is safest in this case to stand up with yourself to make sure that there is room to go back to each other. Does he still have the same feeling despite separation? So that you can therefore define your next step by continuing or closing the door permanently and categorically.

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