How do I get rid of heartburn without drugs?

     Heartburn is a common phenomenon most people suffered as feel the injured sense of burning along the food channel, and spoke heartburn as a result of reflux of stomach acids into the tube of the esophagus and down to the upper parts of it, this heartburn is repeated on a daily basis may be fleeting, but they cause a lot of inconvenience to the injured If you suffer from heartburn we will give you some ways that help you get rid of them.


First: If you suffer from excessive obesity we recommend that you decrease your weight, because excess weight creates extra excess pressure on the stomach and the diaphragm which leads to open the valve at the bottom of the esophagus opens the way for stomach acids to back into the esophagus.

Second, food plays an essential role in the occurrence of heartburn, so you should avoid drinks containing fat Kalkarima or Whipped chocolate, drinks that contain caffeine Kalmhrobat carbonated and energy drinks, coffee, tea, citrus juices Kallimon, oranges and tomatoes.

Third, the water intake after meals causes increased size of the stomach, thereby hindering digestion of food in the stomach, thus causing relaxation of the valve between the stomach and Marri Ftertdja acidity to Marri, causing heartburn, so it is advisable to drink water before meals half an hour.

Fourth, should you eat slowly and relaxed because gorging on fast food fills the stomach quickly, causing strain on the muscle, the lower sphincter, and is eating quickly of the most important causes of heartburn, indigestion, flatulence and stomach pain, so doctors recommend chewing food well.

Fifth: The method of lie down and sleep affect the occurrence of heartburn, if lay on your back flat and your body is not under your head only one pillow thin the acid back to the esophagus, this is not the normal course of her, causing heartburn and can overcome this problem by using pillows, also advised not to sleep on the abdomen because it can also cause heartburn.

Sixth: The stress, anxiety and depression directly affects the stomach where they cause an increase in the secretion of acid in the stomach, so try to ease the stress suffered by the practice of sport meditation, where meditation helps to re-balance the body chemistry.

Seventh: Some foods help get rid of heartburn, such as cold, chewing gum, bananas and pineapple milk, licorice, chamomile, cloves, mint, anise, lavender, is ideal foods to eliminate heartburn where they help neutralize acid and help his return from the Marri to the stomach again.

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