Google released a new feature for interpretation

     Google has launched a new application for smartphones called “Word Lens” allows users to get a direct translation Once directing phone lens to the written text.

Google Inc. announced Thursday January 26 that the “Word Lens” feature in Google Translate supports direct translation of the texts that come in Japanese, according to the website “Machabl”

Suffice it to a smartphone camera lens directed towards the text to be translated to the application will translate immediately and show them on the phone screen, and the application supports translation from Japanese into English and vice versa. The application is available on both Android and iOS and can continue in the translation, even if the phone is not connected to the Internet.

In addition to the translation service Google dictionary page feature offers, which they can word translation from Arabic to English and vice versa, as well as more than 70 other languages.

It provides dictionary Arabic translation of the English word as a name as a verb and adds relevant phrases also shows whether the English word input used in other languages ​​in the same writing, and adds a dictionary of what he calls Web definitions, knows the English word in English depending on what is contained in other Internet sites.

Translator methodology

Google Translate relies on a technique called statistical machine translation, where the search in a huge number of documents up to hundreds of millions in order to determine the best translation of the desired text. And the translation of Google smart by speculation to determine the appropriate translation.

For this huge amount of linguistic data Vgugl used a large number of binary language texts on the Internet such as the United Nations and the documents that are available in six languages ​​in parallel, including Arabic and English.

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