Get to know The way Celebrity Makeup

Get to know The way Celebrity Makeup
Celebrity Makeup



Do you have Evening or a party or even evening with Thee own celebrity makeup indispensable to know them and you are the star  and draw attention to celebrity makeup ways your partner..

Face makeup:

Begin moisten your skin and put the primer before make-up, and then choose a cream-colored basis wheaten Light tends to Golden to bring the beauty of the color of your skin. Then classless bronze face powder.


eye makeup:

Put the Alkoncelr around the eye area to hide dark circles, then put a layer of light-colored eye shadow Kalorda or beige on the entire eyelid, then select uncovered outside of the eyelid external corner of the eye color darker Kalrhazee dark, Mauve, brown or iron enamel. Draw the same dark color line under the lower lashes you get a V-painting in shades of dark eyes.

Then select your eyes black congregation, prefer to use the broad dreams kohl above the eye, or drawing the eyes of cats. Also can be identified within the eye black congregation, but dreams often choose bright colors such as green, turquoise or white.

Finally, my two layers of mascara on the lashes intensified and note f, or they can use false eyelashes.

Do not forget a layer of white shade or put Hemr (Shimmer) under the eyebrow and the eye, because you get a charming look



Chose the color Albuleshr a suit with the color of eye shadow, it was brown eye shadow gradations choose Bronze Albuleshr. And Albuleshr pink if eye shadow shades of pink or conciliator or iron.


To bring the beauty, always chose the lipstick color natural light or Alnaod KALPAGE Alodra. Rarely used or dark red lipstick colors.

These simple steps you can get a tuxedo luxury makeup fit different your event to shine on the way celebrity makeup and steal all the limelight.


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