Get to know the most important benefits of watercress oil for a silky and healthy hair

    Watercress plant from the many known benefits are the plant, Watercress plant paper green contains many important for the whole body elements, but the usefulness of watercress are not limited to eating only,  watercress extracts of watercress oil, which is scattered in abundance oils, and is available with shops Perfumery abundance.

And watercress contain oil on a lot of vitamins, including vitamin “A” is important for the hair and skin, so it enters the watercress oil in a lot of Hair and Skin Care.

We review for you in this article the most important benefits of watercress oil for fine hair and good health:

-tqoah Hair follicles.

– Lime useful for scalp oil, where it stimulates blood circulation.

– Also, it contains both sulfur and zinc makes it contributes to the fight against any infections the bacteria can infect the scalp.

– Keeps the moisture Faihmiha scalp from drying out and save her from her crust.

– Watercress contribute in giving the hair shiny and healthy appearance.

– Easy to comb the hair and gives it the length and strength.

– Oil Watercress is also an effective treatment to get rid of hair loss.

– Eliminates any factors for dry scalp that leads to hair loss as well
That it prevents the existence of germs.

 – Keeps the scalp of pollution, and grow thick hair and more along.

Other benefits of watercress oil:

– Eat watercress oil is also an important and useful for the whole body can be used as a disinfectant Watercress  intestine. And the processor to catch a natural laxative, it also aids in digestion and metabolism.

– Watercress, iron-rich therefore helps in the treatment of anemia.

– Protects the gums from bleeding, in addition to being a win immunity of the body is very large and nourish the bone in order to contain a large proportion of calcium.

 Despite all the benefits of watercress oil this, but the extravagant use cause a lot of damage, including:

– Is a cause of problems for those who suffer cystitis

– Is not recommended to use oil or even eating watercress to those who are less than four years because it contains a large proportion of iodine

– It can cause a lot of eating watercress or olive oil to abort a pregnant woman

– Affects lactating

– Much that ulcer patients and kidney avoids eating watercress.

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