Gel nails, step by step for beginners at home



Gel nails, step by step for beginners at home
Gel nails
Gel nails, step by step for beginners at home
Gel nails

Gel nails, step by step for beginners at home
Gel nails

How to Make Gel Nail at home for beginners step by step
The first thing you need to prepare all the necessary

Intensify your nails in two ways: gel and acrylic. But now we will focus on the gel. For this procedure you need some materials and tools. If you are trying to expand their own nails, you have to know what you will need to buy in advance tools. There may be as follows:
Tweezers to work.
UV lamp.
Tweezers to work.
Formation or tips to choose from.
Device to grind.
Nail file;
Skin tool.
a brush.
And also the following articles:
head cap.
Rhinestones and other decorations;
Cuticle oil.
What do I need to work with the tips?
Some prefer to use tips. But it is necessary to study the list of what is needed for the job. Before the production of gel nails at home for beginners step by step developed a theory. This is the case with her husband and should be found, and then move on to the practice.
Self-nail Nanhn need to extend to a variety of nail files. Let them be the best for a longer period. You also need to buy a modeler, brushes of different sizes, cut the wire, which will cut off the tips, gel degreaser and ultraviolet lamp.

Why acrylic gel coat is the best?

Girls who want to do his nails, and those interested in the question, what is best to do acrylic or gel coat to create a beautiful manicure? It is understood that helium is a liquid Alosasktlh, it is easy to distribute on their own nails. Gel is able to dry out under the action of ultraviolet radiation. Many people prefer to use the gel card, because it has no unpleasant odor.

Acrylic powder is ground. Before the nail layers is diluted with water paint. Acrylic can establish quickly. But it has a pungent smell strange. Unfortunately, coated acrylic nails may turn yellow under the action of the sun and in contact with sea water. If you want to increase the nails during the summer, it is best to use a helium base. Moreover, the gel is more popular than acrylic. Below will show how to build gel nails at home for beginners step by step

A system of three ways

– The first phase – is the base gel with Hadraihh. It is made of liquid foundation, so it can be spread quickly on the nail. Base provides a strong foundation for linking synthetic material with her fingernail.

– Phase II – Modelling gel.

– The third stage – the completion of the base. It has no strong odors. The completion of the gel is a liquid base. At this stage, the clutch of the deposited layers and the nail plate glossy shine.
There are two ways system

This method consists of the active components. The first phase – the bulk of the base and the second phase – Modelling gel.
A system of one method

This is the way most simple and cost-effective. You need to work one article, he was able to replace all three phases. This work does not take long.

Because now more and more women prefer to use the tips, you can try to use them to build nails.

The first step is to treat the nails. To do so, the nail plate to be processed for publication. This procedure helps gel good relationship with the base of the nail.
Then you need to open the container with tips. It contains a great variety of them. All of them under their numbers. You must specify your size by measuring with his fingernail. Then, with the help of glue ecstatic need to stick to the plate and press with your finger for a few minutes.
Then you can with the help of pliers to cut part of the unnecessary. This is done after you have decided on the size. It is necessary to make a beautiful shape of the nail.
Now, open the gel, and a little fuss.
We must carefully apply the gel with a brush. You must apply to your nails, and not on the tips. Orientation must finger in the UV lamp and a little dry. Then you need to apply another layer of gel, but not only on your nails, but also on the tips. You can repeat again – this is optional.
Then you need to turn on the lamp and dry nails. You can do several fingers, one by one, which is convenient.
Thus, it is necessary to impose gel, until you get the desired thickness.
The Council then remove the sticky layer with a handkerchief before soaked in degreaser.

Everything is ready for the application of nail polish and nail decoration. You can choose to make a beautiful design. Gel Nail turned at home for beginners step by step to be not very complicated. Many girls love to do the coat on the nail. If anything at all, it is impossible to draw, it is still difficult at the moment to do, then it is possible to glue the Rhine, is also very beautiful.

There are many videos Hathieban how it takes place gel nail extensions at home for beginners poshagovo.Mozhno learn is this way. This is a good experience, especially video helps to better absorb the information for the actual example.

We should also remember that it is necessary Frdkulail fat and flush surface. To smooth organization will not be able to help a long-held artificial material on natural nails. Before the procedure, it is important to do a manicure to remove the cuticle.

Gel nails, step by step for beginners at home
Gel nails

There are people who suffer from nail fungus. They can not implement the building, as long as they do not cure process. In the picture you can learn how to make gel nail extension at home for beginners step by step. Procedure allows to hide the irregularities found, change the shape of the nail and to stick with it. Become long nails, smooth and beautiful.

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