Freezing fat .. innovative technique to get rid of obesity

Freezing fat .. innovative technique to get rid of obesity
innovative technique to get rid of obesity

   Discusses cosmetic surgeons and doctors, meeting in Paris, a series of innovative techniques to get rid of the fat problem, such as elimination through freezing or re-injected into the other areas of the body or removed thanks to a quick small operations.

And sings the freezing of fat on the need for injection or incision or anesthesia in the well-known sculpture cold “Kolskalaptang” in which to get rid of fat can while browsing the magazine technical technique, according to those in charge of this new technology.

Coolant treatment
Under this process, which was approved in the United States in 2010 put part of the body in the cooling machine patented, that fluids treatment allows the elimination of fat cells discarded by the body later in a natural way, which does not affect the other cells are less susceptible to cold, such as muscles.

Plastic surgeon Renato Saltaz, who works near Salt Lake City in the United States and heads the International Society of Aesthetic Surgery “MIS APS” and asserts that “20 to 23% of the fat cells in the exposed area to cold within an hour, will be gone.”

The technique is quick and painless, the person is placed inside the machine and come out after an hour and in his best resume work, according to Renato. And after a slight swelling, the results clearly show within two or three weeks.

In 2015, it was liposuction second most common surgical procedure in the world with 1.39 million surgery procedure of this kind, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Surgery data.

Non-surgical techniques
Witnessing techniques non-surgical, including cold treatment to get rid of surface fat, fast-growing with more than 425 thousand transactions were conducted of this kind, including 120 thousand in the United States alone, it does not require any anesthesia, and is considered the least dangerous that is recovery more quickly .

In the year 2015, it conducted more than 12 million plastic surgery is surgery in the world, in exchange for 9.6 million surgery. Demand, especially on the laser that will restore the skin freshness and glory and injection materials, such as Botox, the muscle spasm “to improve the appearance of facial treatments.”

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