Foods warm the body during the winter to know her

   The winter and freezing cold headache difficult in the header of each of suffering from the cold weather, a lot of mothers looking constantly for better roads and foods and methods for their children, all looking for the heating and we may come today and with us the perfect solution and natural solution, a heating body from the inside through better foods that are based on the body warm sound and efficient manner, Come with us through the following lines, we recognize that these foods body during impermeable air.

7 foods help the body warm in winter

sweet potato

This sweet potatoes give a strong calories for the body and gain the necessary heating temperature, in addition to containing vitamin A, which is available in abundance in the potatoes, which helps to thermal energy characteristic supply the body, and everyone knows that the potato starches and carbohydrates in general also warms the body and increase energy in the body , then Flankther of sweet potatoes during the winter At the time of cooler weather potatoes will serve as a natural stove that your body needs.


Ginger heated naturally to the body as that and put it in the food or drink a beverage contributes significantly to supply thermal energy required and stimulate blood circulation, which in turn give the body the energy required to resist the cold weather, so that the man with the handling of the ginger gives more satiety body which is in itself a powerful factor much in overcoming the cooler air, so be mindful every day in cold weather have you ginger drink or enter it in your food components.

White Beans

The white beans distinctive meal to supply the body with energy and warmth for a long time during the day a cold and cold weather, especially when these beans are held in the drink of a vehicle with some vegetables and chili, cumin, state of warmth pervades the entire body may occur in addition to the continuation of the feeling of fullness because of her vegetarian protein strong and it works well in the body’s resistance to disease being rich in anti-oxidation in the body that fight diseases in an effective manner.


Talk does not change much from what has been said in the sweet potatoes are both single elements but also the advantage potatoes that the vitamin C anti-inflammatory and fights cold characteristically, be careful that your kids deal with in the bitter cold meal containing potato will have a strong return of warmth to the especially children and they love addressed in many shapes and roads.


How much is a very excellent eating broccoli at all times and is characterized by more eating broccoli in a special winter and that the vitamin C, which increases the immune characteristically, broccoli is full of fiber that contribute to digestion and lasting feeling of satiety, which in turn provides energy and warmth of the body available.


It is known that oats is a cereal, vegetable is rich in protein, which supplies the body with energy and end the feeling of hunger once and the time taken, and the important features that we knew the oats it reduces excess cholesterol in making the overall health of a person much better, preferably held oats more proteins such as chicken or meat or shrimp will increase especially in the desired heating usefulness.

Apples cooked

Apple generally gives more energy to the body, especially if the researcher for warmth cook the apples, it does not happen very often that the one cooking apples, but a very special way in the heating, especially for children, Valtvah has a distinctive fibers in the difference in the body heating industry in addition to what in apples from iron beneficial to human health, which increases the body’s immunity.

Tips for winter

1. stimulate the immune system: the winter of more chapters in which the spread of colds and flu and to avoid that attention must be paid to strengthening your immune system to eat certain foods leafy and fruit Kalkhaddrawat that contain vitamin C and some of the pills of vitamin C may resort but numerous studies have shown that obtained from fruits and vegetables are much in the fight against colds best

2. Enjoy the outside world: out of the house and jogging winter last things that a lot considering the cold weather, but your body needs exposure to the sun to get vitamin D is important in maintaining strong bones and teeth, and you can get more vitamin D from dairy and fish products Kalsrdin and fresh salmon and tuna.

3. Pay attention to your appetite: With daylight Palace in winter affected the hour biological scientists in Scotland and proved that the short period of the day increases the feeling of hunger so watch out to eat and be sure to eat healthy snacks.

4. Keep a cold medicines: frequent colds and flu in the winter so be sure to availability of appropriate drugs, analgesics and heat sink at your fingertips and be sure to differentiate between both the flu and colds.

5. Hot drinks: We turn some hot drinks in order to heating in the winter such as tea, coffee or cappuccino or separation Orchid, but you must pay attention when eating to contain them on the high calories and not a lot of them and you can eat the herbs in their stead.

6. Mark home atmosphere comfortable: Because of the coldest winter some prefer to stay at home and you can take advantage of it to spend some time with family or read a book or invite some friends to spend time at home and you can ignite some of the Albachor quiet to give you a sense of comfort and harmony.

7. sleep: Enjoy sleeping in a calm atmosphere and the proper temperature without the need for the use of air conditioners for deodorants.

8. Pay attention to your mood: a lack of exposure to sunlight and the short daylight periods may affect the mood for some people and the energy level in what is known as the depression winter and often affects women more than men are symptoms in not wanting to social networking sleep too much during periods of the day and the large number of eating and feeling hungry and can cure that case exposure bright and practice some sport for the light to help your body to secrete the hormone endorphin, which gives you a better feeling about yourself.

9. Keep your productivity at work: do not drag their heels, and some of the work required of you in your free time it gives you a good feeling about yourself as well as to accomplish a lot of business and the provision of a vacuum later time.

10. Be active: the body can burn more calories by walking or movement in the winter to keep the body warmth sure to exercise in the winter to keep in shape and activity.

11. Pay attention to your steps: Regardless if you’re in a hurry or late on a deadline or other business be aware of your steps, especially on rainy days so as not to slip your foot because Tothertrq rain.

12. care of the health of your skin: rain, wind, and home heating are all factors that affect the skin and cause dehydration must maintain skin hydration and use of moisturisers and sure to use sunscreen even on cloudy days.

How to keep skin

Eat sufficient amounts of water at a rate of not less than two liters per day, it can also increase this amount in the intense summer heat periods. The pill affects the skin and cause wrinkles so it is advisable to choose other ways, rather than grain. Not to exaggerate the sequential and repeated Botox use it to destroy the sponsor of skin cells. Avoid using jewelry or accessories that cause allergies and skin irritation and redness.

Before using any treatment Karimi composition or preparation cosmetically must consult a specialist doctor or tested on a small patch of skin and wait for some time to make sure that there is no Sense of use. Careful dry skin moisturizing continuously, using moisturizing creams, and using Almasakat which include natural honey Kmask honey, yogurt, in equal proportions, as well as massage skin oils moisturizing as oil jojoba, sweet almond oil, olive oil, especially before going to sleep as increases skin absorption for those oils due to high body temperature during sleep, and then wash in the morning. Care to reduce oily skin moisture; as they cause acne and blackheads and skin pigmentation emergence through the skin peeling and the work of her steam bath.

Use sunscreen before going out of the house, taking into account renovated during daylight hours, as advised when you return home put a mask of yogurt on exposed places special to the sun in the summer; to protect the skin from drying out and prevent it from changing color and maintain a uniform color skin. Appropriate use of lye on the skin type, should also clean the skin from the remnants of make-up and cosmetics are strictly forbidden to sleep without removing it using milk cleaned and then Altonik or natural water rose to close the pores. Careful to eat foods rich in vitamin A and omega 3, iron, phosphorus, zinc, protein and other essential items. Action vaporize every two weeks, the face workshops with rose water after completion.

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