Foods are harmful during pregnancy .. know it!


      Should the mother to take care of well-fed to ensure secure all the necessary important elements and necessary for the growth of the fetus, and the holder of proper nutrition should include all of the elements,

   starting with sugars, passing through the protein and fatty substances, and finishes in minerals and vitamins and fiber, and any shortage one or more of these components will reflect negatively on the life of the fetus inside the mother’s womb, and after coming to this world.

Women must not forget that there are pregnant foods should be avoided during pregnancy because it is harmful to the mother and the fetus, and we’ll introduce you to this article on the most important of these foods:

– Raw eggs: avoid foods that contain raw eggs is not fully mature, it may contain harmful bacteria salmonella, which lead to diarrhea and vomiting and fever. There are several foods containing raw eggs, such as home-made mayonnaise and Caesar dressing, as well as home-made custard, and others.

– Cold meat: Kalmrtdela and sausages may contain Listeria bacteria that cause abortion or continuation of the pregnancy with no birth occurs, so be sure to be cooked before eating.

– Animal products, raw or undercooked: this type of product may contain various microbes, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and cause infections, so you must be careful pregnant on cooking meat and the like from animal products before proceeding to address them.

– Unpasteurized milk and some dairy products: milk is pasteurized as well as some new types of cheeses may also be contaminated Balliestiria that cause abortion, either cooked cheese and goat cheese and creamy cheese can be addressed during the two days he opened the box with the preservation of the refrigerator.

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