Follow these steps and you will feel that you are the youngest at 10 years

Follow these steps and you will feel that you are the youngest at 10 years
The elimination of aging


Do you live irresistible pressure and chaos as a result of the work and the lack of enough time to take care of yourself and attention to your skin and resist the signs of aging? We offer you eight steps takes you back 10 years back.

– Use a light color of lipstick
Where it notes that dark colors make lips look thinner, so my little lip gloss at the center of the inside so that the lips look more glamorous.

– You laugh
It confirms a study conducted at the University of Southern California that laughter strengthens the immune system by 25% at the same time slows down the appearance of aging.

– Eat more fruits
According to the latest research published British newspaper the medical consumption of fresh fruit per day prolongs vitality of the body Valvakeh with the properties of anti-oxidants and the fight against cancer.

– Inform your friendsĀ 
Recent studies confirm that the social life that surround the man and not isolation from the people prolong life and achieve greater feeling of happiness compared to the unit.

– Drink milk
Perhaps you think that that advice duplicate and boring and often hesitate on the tongues of adults to their young children, but the truth is that calcium is very important especially for the body with age to maintain the appearance of the best hair, teeth and nails, but if I hated milk you direction to spinach and broccoli.

– Take a break and relax every 10 minutes twice a day
For ten minutes and no more Close your eyes and Listen to the Holy Quran and Marcy yoga or Spend ten minutes with Do not do anything at all, and will Tdhishan to the extent of recovery that leave such minutes on your appearance and your health.

– Use Body lotions
They must be used regularly creams with good varieties, especially on the neck, elbows, knees, preferably choose species that strengthens the skin’s health and make them more cohesive in texture, such as coconut oil and olive oil.

– Does not claim your hair reflects the look suggests aging
Where he notes that the hair at the age of twenty will not continue in the same textures and shape sometime after that, and if you do it with enough Tatn more than ever before will be influenced by your appearance negatively. The first element for hair care is a health food and vitamin intake, followed by the use of natural oils such as olive oil, health and coconut oil.

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