Fitness training in the 12 facts, what are they?

Fitness training in the 12 facts, what are they?
fitness training

     Under acceleration time and the many preoccupations, fitness training, they forget the practice of physical activities and even light ones, and every day what we need is only half an hour, this is sufficient time in order to provide the body of vigor and vitality. Facts may not you know about the benefits of sports activities.

      Exercise and various types of fitness and on a regular basis, is beneficial to build muscle and strengthen the body, especially when it gives you a polished form, which has long dreamed of, along with its ability to reduce weight and tighten your body, keep your health and the health of your heart. So you know the benefits of fitness training:

   ** Fitness training strengthens the brain

  Fitness training strengthens the body not only, but also the brain. Particularly since the practice of physical activity, raise the energy levels in the body, and increases the amount of serotonin (Serotonin) in the brain, which gives you a higher concentration, and reduces the likelihood of developing anxiety and depression. However, the improvement of physical and mental energy levels, increase our capabilities and our production at work, as well as in private life, and social, and even marriage.

     **Physical activity reduces stress

   Physical activities, working to reduce the daily pressures that we face either at work or at home and even with friends. It helps to relax and feel comfortable positive. Especially when it improves mood and prevent volatility, and reduce stress. It is known to all that the quiet man by nature is successful in his work and his personal life. Also, the impact of mental physical activities related to the secretion of the hormone endorphins Endorphine, which is secreted in the brain during physical carry out the activities.

       **Fitness training feel vitality

 Early in the morning, woke up the morning and practiced sports and walking in the park, or doing some light training for half an hour a day, then you’ll feel that your day has changed and become more vibrant and activity. During the training, all sorts of hormone endorphins Endorphine, Adrenaline and epinephrine, which are active blood circulation, and spawn energy and vitality in your body throughout the day. Even if you feel at the beginning of training a little tired, the accelerated heart rate, and blood circulation may Abdlan feeling to have, and then you feel energetic, more than ever before.

         **Find time for training

  You should use the time intelligently, blending sports activities with the daily practices that you are making. You may feel and to do so through the participation of your children walking in the park, or ride bicycles, you can go to spend Omorkm walk through and not ride the car, and you can also listen to songs during Sircm in the street.

  For the sake of your health, it advised to choose when, even half an hour a day, for sports activities, it is useful in removing tension and improve the daily functions that you are making.

           **Physical activities strengthen relations

  Common physical activities and sports, working to strengthen relations both with a life partner, or even with family members, friends as well as coworkers. Saluting you meet all of the training hall for the joint exercise. It also documents the relationship between you, and you can exchange the quiet chatter and discussions during training.

           **Physical activities to prevent diseases

  Studies have proven, that physical activity may slow or prevent heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes type II, and arthritis, osteoporosis, loss of muscle mass. In addition, the physical activities may strengthen the immune system, and slow down the aging process.

           **Fitness training is good for the heart

  Physical activities were not helping prevent disease, but they are also helping to strengthen the heart muscle, which is important muscle in the human body. It is that people who engage in physical activities on a regular basis, have a strong and healthy heart. As they feel less tired compared with others, all sporting activities for them to become comfortable and easy.

           **Physical activity gives you more food

  People who do physical with activities, enjoy feature eat excessive amounts of food, and here do not mean eating foods based on the diet. The reason for this is due to the practice of physical activities, allow the body to burn calories and is a good and useful and even during rest periods.

          **Fitness training strengthens the relationship between spouses

  Besides the importance of physical activity in vitality and increased activity. Scientific studies have shown, that there is a direct correlation between physical fitness, and improve the level of the sexual relationship between couples, particularly those who engage in physical activities on a regular basis

          **Losing weight is not the most important goal

   Everyone practiced physical activities only in order to reduce the weight, but this is not the only interest we are looking for. May not be limited to the benefits of fitness in this column, and put the issue of weight reduction at the top of your priorities during training, may not be available from the expected results, and then you feel defeat and refraction and Tpttn sports atmosphere. Therefore, we should focus on what they offer benefits to yourselves, sports, and gives you self-confidence. So maintained the principle of sporting activities on a regular basis, along with that you get a healthy and balanced diet.

         **Fitness training help to improve relations
Fitness helps to improve relations, whether in the family or relationships with members of the work and has a very active role in improving all relationships

          **Fitness bring you happiness wherever you are
Provided that you do for the continuation of the arena on a regular basis and be a very important part in your life.

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