Facebook uses artificial intelligence techniques to enable the visually impaired to surf the position


     Revealed the social networking site months and the largest in the world, “Facebook” its intention to facilitate access for the visually impaired and others with special using artificial intelligence techniques needs.

 The chief operating officer at Facebook, “Sheryl Sandberg,” The network is currently working on the development of technology ensures users with visual disabilities to access the site and use it.

The “Sandberg” in an interview with the newspaper “Bild” German to develop ways to help SOUND users who are visually impaired as a model of techniques developed by “Facebook” is to help the disabled to take advantage of the site.

She explained, “Sandberg” that the site “Facebook” will be able soon to “read” the pictures published by a friend words of quality, “Here is a picture my friend Marc standing next to his wife,” audible image as a description to, adding that the site is improving this technique is trying so people who suffer from various forms of disabilities to use site “Facebook” and “vision” by their friends.

And Facebook is one of the most means of social communication and can be defined as a social network and managed company “Facebook” contribution “in doubt” company; Users can join networks organized by city or hand work, school or region, in order to communicate with others and interact with them.

Also, users can add friends to their friends list and send messages to them, and also update their profiles and define their own friends.

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