Facebook prevents you from publishing this word .. and why!

   Has been deleted more than a million leaflets in Facebook and Instagram tsu.co used the phrase, according to the American CNN site, if I tried to use the phrase in tsu.co Facebook or Instagram, it is certain that he will be prevented from published or sent to any friend.

At a time. You can use the word Tsu in Facebook, but the written words combined tsu.co not accepted by Facebook, why?

For Facebook, the site sends tsu.co “harmless links users to penetrate into their accounts,” while the site Tsu see that Facebook used illegal methods in order to destroy his rivals, in an indication that the social network months in the world is afraid of the invasion, “Tso”.

What is the site Tsu?

It follows the site Tsu very attractive dividend plan, as it gives users to 45 percent of advertising revenues, and it takes only 10 percent of income, while 45 percent go to the remaining friends who have you at the site of Tsu, which makes all parties share the profits.

As for Facebook, it takes all the incomes of the ads that appear on the subscriber pages, without the participation of users,

It is reported that on September 25 / September last decided to use Facebook attended the site Tsu on its platform, justifying it as “users who said they were receiving claims for the use of Tsu by fake users’ complaints.”

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